How To Grow A Mask Book By Josh Sitter


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The story of Haardt Zongo, one of the first members of Anonymous, the internet’s most elusive hacktivists for global change, follow him as he hitchhikes his way through Latin America.


Authors Bio, 

Josh Sitter is a fresh and opinionated writer whose debut book “How to Grow a Mask” shows his natural story telling ability. Known as an advocate for social and governmental change, he was an activist long before he joined the ranks of the hackers group Anonymous. He attended Loyalist College in Canada where he studied Photojournalism. He found quickly, as the professors did, that he was too much an activist to be a journalist. Even though he received a formal education, his real school of learning come from his difficult life out in the world. 

Having left home at a very young age because of differing views on religion than his parents, he found that he was fending for himself. It was because of this he was able to see the flaws in the current way that the majority of society lives their lives. Being a child of generation X, he gave up hope for any chance of change early in life, and waited for signs that the world is ready for change. 

The time finally came with the ever evolving internet, seeing how the internet would be the medium for social and governmental change; he dedicated a large amount of effort and self-teaching himself everything related to computers and the internet. When the hackers group called Anonymous took the world stage, he was already set off on a hitchhiking journey through the Americas. 

His revolution finally started and he had a front row seat. This man was influenced by three major authors: Jack Kerouac, Hermann Hesse and Hunter S. Thompson, not just in his writing but his life. He is joined in life with his best friend and wife Patricia; an amazing, beautiful and extremely intelligent woman from Northern Mexico. Who is also a world citizen and traveler, the two plans to spend their lives exploring the planet. “How to Grow a Mask” is the first book the planned series of three.



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